The Secret Diary of a Gurgaon Escorts Reviewed

Who does not want to make love with a man who is perfect for a lifetime journey to life? It is the dream of every girl that she has a house, a partner and children. But, have you ever heard a baby of Gurgaon escorts? Probably not! If there is any, the life of the baby goes in such distress that you cannot imagine. I am unmarried but I joined to work under Gurgaon escorts for some reason, but anyhow I am happy with my profession.

Who am I? I am Mira Jha. Let the other identity remain at its place. Call me Just Mira. When I was only 17, I lost my parents. I found nobody beside me to catch hold my soft hands in life to be serviced. Anyhow I managed to lead my life for a year and covered my 18 years of age. Life becomes worse day by day. Someday, I got an offer to join as one of the escorts in Gurgaon. I rejected the offer and cried for days and nights with the thought that life is so miserable to everybody. I went from an elite family but I came down to a street beggar. I pealed out all my old conception and tradition and decided that life is first and then everything. If I grasp the tradition, I have to die. Moreover, in this modern world, nobody thinks of tradition and family heritage. Making fun, visiting the pub, sipping in bars, dancing, and even lovemaking is the new tradition of the young generation. If I get some livelihood by giving others enjoyed where is the sin hidden there? Life is the great temple and heart is God. So, everybody should help themselves to live in this world. So, I joined as one of the teenaged elite profile escorts in Gurgaon.

Those very first days I suffered some mental agony and depressions after meeting a few of my clients and giving them fun and joy in mind. Who cares of my miserable condition, the pain, the haul of the lion went over me? They crushed me to suck out the secret hidden in me. Not for so many days, I accustomed to the entire fact. I got habituated with the clients, their demands, and everything. I prepared me with the past experiences how I have to behave, how I have to treat, speak and how I have to foreplay with them. What they want in my figure, where they want to titillate and bring out the hidden secret and everything was in my knowledge. They want to get their pleasure as fast as they can. But, most times, they never think of the girl and her arousal point. They start their work and goes down. It happens to most Gurgaon Model Escorts that the clients never think of a girl’s satisfaction their orgasm and everything. They want to j-sport massaging, some kissing to their body, and oral dick performance for some times and so on. They start lovemaking without preparing me fully. I remain aside, they go away. I shiver with the eagerness of unsatisfied excitement. I rarely reach at my orgasm from most of the clients who come to Gurgaon escorts.

If you want to learn the very first-day experience as one of the escorts in Gurgaon, you will tremble in fear. My hymen crashed after the fist struck. I got bleeding and severe pain in the lower abdomen. The client made fun of it and got excited to strike with all his effort- said that it was his very enjoyable and remarkable day in the life as his wife was not a virgin when they got married. I tolerated all the tortures of the day. I appeared for 7 more “customers” on that very day.


Now, I am accustomed to enjoying clients of all ages. I know all sorts of poses and postures and different sorts of foreplay activities. If you want an incall or outcall service from escorts in Gurgaon, I am ready to make you satisfied fully. You can also choose me as your travel companion. You will surely get great hot fun and joy from me. Lovemaking is always open for you.